Milly arrives in Kuala Lumpur

Wow, what a trip. It is so great to be able to travel to somewhere so far from home. It is a long time on the plane but so much fun to get to new places. When we arrive we are lucky as friends greet us at the airport. Then a car ride to our home for a month in Seri Kembangan, Malaysia.

The first thing I notice is how much hotter it is in Malasia than it is in Canada. It feels hotter than summer in Toronto.

Many of the trees that we see are palm trees. Soon we are at the tall condo where will are staying. This is the view from our window.

View out our window at the Heritage

The next day we go into Kuala Lumpur for brunch.

Downtown Kuala Lumpurdowntown KL

We go downtown and see so many tall buildings. Many of the buildings are such interesting shapes.

Kuala Lumpur KLCC towersKLCC

We go for a walk to see the Petronas Towers and take some pictures. They are very tall and so pretty.

Milly at Juan Valdez

For brunch we enjoy coffee and eggs at the Juan Valdez Cafe.

We do some shopping and then come home to unpack and relax.

Soon it is almost nighttime.

Soon it is almost night.

We are still tired from our long trip. Early to bed. There will be lots to see another day.


Travelling Milly heads to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

It is so exciting to be on the road again. I am off to Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia.At the gate at Toronto Airport, Travelling Milly relaxes with a game of cards.

At Toronto airport, I am able to relax at the gate and play a few games.

To get to Malaysia we first have to fly to Hong Kong. This flight is a long one almost 15 hours. Most of that time we can watch movies or TV and also sleep. We are served two meals and many snacks and drinks. It is late at night when we arrive at the airport in Hong Kong. It is a very large airport with many many shops. It feels like being in a mall. Our flight to Malaysia is not until the morning so we are staying overnight in a lounge at the airport.

Comfy chairs to relax in at the lounge.

Comfy chairs to relax in at the lounge.

When we go in the lounge there is a buffet of noodles, teriyaki chicken, samosas and many other treats for us to eat. After the buffet we take some desserts and goodies and find comfy chairs to nap in until morning.

After our meal treats.

After meal treats.

In the morning there is a breakfast buffet with lots more good food. We must gather up our bags and head through the airport to the gate where we will take the plane to Kuala Lumpur.

Getting things together to go to the gate.

Getting things together to go to the gate.

There are so many shops in the airport at Hong Kong. I buy a little bag with Hong Kong written on it. After looking in a few more shops we go to the gate to wait to board the plane for the last part of our trip to Kuala Lumpur.

We are waiting at the gate.

We are waiting at the gate.

We can see our plane out the window and are getting so excited. Just a few more hours and we will be in Malaysia.

Our palne to KL

Our plane to KL

We have a 4 hour flight from Hong Kong to Kuala Lumpur.

View out the window at the gate.

Ready to board the plane to Malaysia. So excited!!!!

Milly goes to OOAK Spring in Toronto

Here I am entering the Spring One of a Kind Show in Toronto. I made a friend right here at the door.

Milly making friends at the entrance to OOAK Spring 2015

My first stop was at rosbilt where I found tin can ukuleles and banjos. Ross helped me to play one of the ukuleles. So much fun!!

Rosbilt Banjos and Ukes at OOAK

The next section, Etsy, had so many fun things.

At Sew Whimsical by Katie, I played with these dolls. Look Terry Fox and Roberta Bondar!

Milly at Sew Whimsical by Katie


I am hanging around with all these fun toys at Little Bellwoods

Milly at Little Bellwoods


Checking out the Cookies at Teeny Tiny

Checking out the cookies at Teeny Tiny

Many fun characters to play with at Pikelet Workshop

So many fun characters to play with at Pikelet Workshop

So many dolls at Modern Nesting Dolls

So many dolls at Modern Nesting Dolls

Intricate work at light & paper shop

Such wonderful work at Light and Paper Shop

Flowerpot Design has great potted cactus!

Look at the great things I found at Flowerpot Design!

From Etsy it was on to the rest of the show. So many booths to visit and artisans to chat with.

I found gnomes to play with at Twill and Print

Gnomes to play with at Twill and Print

Sue at Sue Firsker Design made these great felted pictures, bowls and so much more.

Milly at Sue Firkser Design

At Fusion Art I got to rest up in a garden with these fused glass garden ornaments.

Milly in the garden at Fusion Art

More relaxing in a chair from Otis Brand Chairs.  Milly at Otis Brand Chairs

At Gestalt so many great things. Shiny belt buckles and so much more!

Milly at Gestalt

Wow a purse made from a Canada Post bag! A wonderful accessory from Pip Robins Accessories. Big enough to tote me around.

Milly with a great bag at Pip Robins Accessories

Time for lunch at OOAK Cafe Soleil.

Milly enjoys lunch at One of a Kind Cafe Soleil

Back to shopping. Look at these. Are they branches? Not just branches these are pepper mills. How wonderful and made by Cam Lavers,

Milly spicing it up at Pepper Mills

To keep me warm! Look felted mittens and pillows from Northern Smittens.

Milly at Northern Smittens

Muffle Up has cozy baby booties

Milly at Muffle Up

Instruments at Tamboa

Milly trying out tamboa instruments

Milly at Everyday People CartoonsHere I am as a  part of an EverydayPeopleCartoon

Playing with stuffies at Baby Magoo

Milly with friends at Baby Magoo

To keep my camera safe I bought one of these colourful bags from Tenacious.

Milly at tenacious

After a busy time visiting all of these booths and many more I finished my visit to OOAK Spring 2015 in the Flavours section.

I love tasty Saha Cuisine!

Milly at Saha Cuisine

Maple Syrup from Voisin’s Maple Products Milly at Voisin's Maple Products

Look at this! Screech filled chocolates. Newfoundland Chocolate Company!

Milly at the Newfoundland Chocolate Company

I had to go visit Edna and Tony at Edna’s Pickles for a hug, sample tasting and to get some of my favourite pickles.

Milly with Tony and Edna at Edna's Pickles

Before heading home after a day of fun and shopping, I had time to relax at the Club One lounge.

Milly relaxing at Club OOAK after a  day of shopping at the OOAK Spring 2015


The One of a Kind Spring Craft Show was great fun and a wonderful place to find unique gifts.

Check out these vendors online. Some can be found at the one of a kind online shop at  Others have etsy shops, facebook pages and company websites.







Milly has a Valentine Party!

Milly with Friends on Valentine's Day

Lucky me!! I had some of my friends over for a Valentine’s Day party.  Eli and Travelling Matt were there as well as some of my other toy and puppet friends.

We made valentines and coloured a monster mailbox. Then we put the valentines in the mailbox. The monster looked like it was eating all our valentines.

Monster Mailbox eating our valentines!

Monster Mailbox eating our valentines!

After the monster was full it was time to gather everyone together to give out the valentines.

Here I am opening the mailbox

Here I am opening the mailbox

I had to open the top of the head of the monster then I tipped him upside down and all the cards came out.

Milly tipping out all the valentine cards.

Milly tipping out all the valentine cards.

We had such fun and all got so many valentines.

Milly and friends with valentines

A secret admirer gave us valentines and candy treats.

Conversation Hearts


There were chocolate and jelly hearts and even conversation hearts with happy little greetings for everyone.

Chocolate marshmallow hearts


My friends and I had a great time at the party. Milly and devil bear

I hope that you had a Happy Valentine’s Day too!

Milly at the Market

While in Naples, we went to a market where there was fruit, vegetables, flowers, books and crafts. This market is open every Saturday morning. I had a great time talking to people and getting some fun stuff.

2015-02-03 08.28.49-2

Everything looked so colourful and fresh from the garden. We bought some of these yummy red tomatoes.

Milly at Seashell Creations

Many of the crafts were made from seashells. This booth had all kinds of wonderful things made from shells.

Milly with some Seashell Creations

Here I am checking out some of these great things covered in shells from Seashell Creations handcrafted in Naples, Florida. I was looking for a new necklace but there was nothing small enough here so we continued on our search.

Next we saw a booth with plants and flowers.Milly at the Flower booth at the market in Naples

The plants were so pretty but I wanted a necklace or a hat. We went to some doll clothes booths but none of them had sunhats.

Finally I saw a table with many necklaces and bracelets called Fancy Crafts by Ana.

Milly chose her new necklace

This booth had many things and I bought my necklace with little seashells. Everywhere in Florida you see seashells. Seashells by the seashore.

2015-02-03 08.28.49-2Tomatoes at the Naples MarketMelons at the Naples MarketMilly with Produce a the Naples Market

There were so many booths of pretty fruit and vegetables.

Lemons and Limes at the Naples MarketCoconut at the Naples MarketPeppers at the Naples MarketProduce at the Naples MarketBananas at the Naples MarketEverything looked so wonderful and fresh!

As well as the fruit and vegetables there were many more crafts booths. I love to look at these and wanted to get some little souvenirs of my time in Florida.

We found this booth with many bright beaded items. It is Miracles in Action a group that helps Guatemalan women to support themselves and their families through making and selling handicrafts. These lovely beaded animals are made by these Mayan women.

Beaded Creatures at the Naples Market

We bought a bead dolphin and an octopus at this booth. The lady here was so nice!

Ellen and Milly buying bead animals

We strolled further and found more fun crafts made from seashells.

Shell creations at the Naples MarketShell Creatures at the Naples Market

I picked out a turtle and a worm made from shells as my little treat.

Across the way, we saw these funny birds made out of PVC plastic pipes. What fun!Milly with PVC Birds at the Naples MarketPVC Birds with Milly

It was now time to go home but there was just one more thing that we had to find.

Milly with a bag of Florida oranges at the Naples MarketOranges,Sweet juicy Oranges!

Here I am with my market finds.2015-02-03 08.14.59-2

I had a great time at the market and we even got some nice fresh fruits and vegetables to eat!!

Milly had a Sleepover

Milly with Penny Bear

Milly with Penny Bear

We went to the pool and we met my Auntie Gail there. I was so excited because she had my new cousin Penny Bear with her. Ellen and Gail chatted for hours by the pool so Penny and I had time to play. When it was time to go home Gail said, “You girls are getting on so well, why don’t you have a sleepover tonight?” We hopped in my bag and were off home in no time.

Milly and Eli with their new friends and their cousin Penny Bear

Milly and Eli with their new friends, the Brooks Brother bears and cousin Penny Bear

We had a great time, the twins were so excited they couldn’t even stay still for this picture to be taken. We jumped and tumbled on the bed.

Milly jumping on the bed Fun on the bed

all tangled up on the bedbears on the bed

After all that fun we were tucked up in bed for the night.

Milly, Eli and the bears tucked up in bed

Milly, Eli and the bears tucked up in bed for a good night sleep

But we were not sleepy yet, we giggled and told stories and jumped about. Ellen said “shush” but that made us laugh some more. We still talked and giggled and rolled about well into the night. I even tried on the Brooks Brothers Bear’s clothes. Here I am in a green golf shirt. Green is my favourite colour.

Milly trying on a new golf shirt

Maybe I can wear this if I go to play mini golf! I can borrow the sweater to wear if I go outside in the cold at home. I think there will be snow when I get home. The BB twins said I could wear them.

Milly trying on BBB's sweater

Finally we fell asleep and when we woke up it was time for Penny to go home. After lots of hugs Penny was on her way.  I hope we can play another day.

Goodbye hug to my special cousin Penny

Goodbye hug to my special cousin Penny



Fun at the Pool

Milly relaxing in the sun

I have been having a great time relaxing in the Florida sun.  All I need are my sunglasses and sunscreen and I am ready for a few hours by the pool.

Milly at the Pool

The water is warm and there is even this great waterfall and an island in the middle of this pool. I am not a swimmer as I don’t like to get my fur wet but I love to sit and watch everyone else.

Milly at Falling Waters